Teen wolf is my obsession

“I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me.”
But Sterek.
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Do you like think you could make a one shot with Zarry/ Zouis? Like where Zouis are together, but Zayn walks away because Louis is with other girls, and then he meets Harry at a club and they like fall for each other, AND then Louis get’s jealous but it ends with Zarry?

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Narry: What can I say I just really like it

Harry just really likes, no loves giving Niall head/One day were Harry just can’t control himself.


Niall (16) tells his parents who adopted him when he was three years old that he’s gay, his strict catholic mum is against same sex love, she thinks it’s a phase and Niall wants to experiment a little bit. One evening Niall brings his bofriend Harry (20) to dinner, his mum finds out and kicks him out telling him she doesn’t want him home anymore so Niall moves in with Harry.